“Who is the EIUG” – Infographic

EIUG Infographic 2014


The EIUG presently has 31 Members. Membership comprises of large industry in the fields of mining, materials beneficiation and materials manufacturing.

The EIUG operates through a committee which comprises of members and deputies nominated by each of the member organisations.

The following companies are members of the EIUG:

If you’re interested in becoming a member of the EIUG, please contact us.


  • Aj Greyling
  • Dave Krumm
  • Dennis Britz
  • Francois van der Bank
  • Herman Pretorius
  • Ian Morrison
  • Jurg Zaayman
  • Kevin Morgan
  • Ludwig Steinmann
  • Mark Miller
  • Maxwell Nemuthsili
  • Piet van Staden

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